Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide to Selecting Your Angel in Adoption®

1. Select an Angel

If your office does not have an “Angel” in mind, use the state resources provided at under the “For Members of Congress” tab which lists governmental and non-governmental foster care and adoption related organizations. Additional options for finding a selection include calling foster care and adoption-related agencies your office has worked with and your district office caseworkers for input on potential awardees. Nominees can be individuals, couples, entire families, or organizations. You should interview your potential choices and ask them about their adoption advocacy and adoption story. There is an “Angels Interview Questions” section on the website that will help you in interviewing your potential Angel.


In addition to these resources, CCAI has an online nomination form for the community to use to nominate an Angel in their community. Once CCAI receives the nomination, we will forward the submission to your attention. IMPORTANT: Please note that CCAI does not make any Angel nominations nor selections. Any nominations that CCAI sends to your office’s attention is not an endorsement from CCAI. We are merely putting forth the nominations that are sent to us through our online nomination form as a tool for you to use. Your office will make the final decision on who to select as an Angel in Adoption®. For assistance with selecting your Angel in Adoption®, contact Allison ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).



2. Complete the Angels in Adoption® Online Selection Form

After you confirm with your Member of Congress and determine that the nominee is a good fit, please visit and enter your Angel selection online to notify CCAI of your choice. To do so, click the “For Members of Congress” box located on the right hand column of the homepage. You must provide all information that CCAI will need to present the award. This information includes:


1.Name of the person, couple, or organization you are choosing as your “Angel” nominee. If your Angel is an organization, please provide a contact person for coordinating details of the organization’s Angels in Adoption® award. You will also need to include contact information for your “Angel” including:  mailing address, phone number (home and mobile), fax number (if available), and e-mail address.


2. An “Angel’s Story” for the Angels in Adoption® program. Each year our program includes a brief paragraph about each Angel and the reasons they are receiving the Angel Award. This should not exceed 225 words and should be written in third person. In the paragraph you submit, include the Angel’s journey in becoming an advocate in the adoption or foster care field and any notable work the Angel has done for adoption or foster children.


3. General contact information for your office including: name of Member of Congress; staff contact(s) for the Angels in Adoption® program in DC (at least one person should be from the DC office); and the names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of your Member’s DC Press Secretary and Scheduler.



3. Congratulate Your Angel


CCAI will immediately send an official congratulatory letter to your Angel and send them a follow up informational e-mail. After you have submitted your Angel selection to CCAI, we suggest waiting a week before you place a follow up congratulatory phone call or send a letter so that they have a chance to read the official Angels in Adoption® letter sent by CCAI.



4. Mark Your Member’s Calendar


October 6, 2015 // 9:00 am-10:30 am:  Angels in Adoption® Pin Ceremony Senate (US Senators are highly encouraged to attend) (Russell Caucus Room; SR-325). The presentation of the Angels in Adoption® pins is the most special moment for the Angels; they are recognized in a graduation-type ceremony by their Member of Congress. Each Angel is presented with a pin and certificate on behalf of their selflessness and dedication.


October 7, 2015 // 6:30 pm-9:30 pm: Angels in Adoption® Reception and Gala (Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW). Angels in Adoption®, Members of Congress and the Administration, as well as representatives from the adoption and foster care community gather to celebrate the Angels and the children they help serve.



5. Notify the Press

There are several ways to communicate your Angel’s honor and celebration to members of your district.

1. Use the drop-in press release located on the Angels in Adoption® website ( to send out to press in your state

2. Tweet about your Member’s Angel selection using the hashtag #adoption or #fostercare if appropriate

3. Post your Angel selection on Facebook



6. CCAI Handles the Rest!

From here on out, CCAI will work to communicate with your Angel regarding all Angels in Adoption® events and all other details pertaining to their travel and stay in Washington, DC. Participation and attendance at the Angel in Adoption® events are encouraged for your Member of Congress. We will also send you important information surrounding the events and stop by your office to get your Member’s signature on the Angels in Adoption® congratulatory letter and let you know if the Angel is able to travel to Washington, DC for these events.

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