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Debbie Velie


Debbie Velie has been involved in adoption work for 23 years and currently serve as the Domestic Program Director for New Beginnings in Tupelo, MS. Her passion for adoption began 30 years ago when she and her husband adopted two baby girls from Korea. Their arrival changed their lives!


Of her experience traveling to Washington, DC to accept the Angels in Adoption® award, Debbie says, “It was a tremendous honor to have been nominated for the Angels in Adoption® award. It was a great experience to be able to be involved in the activities in Washington D.C. It was enlightening to visit with various members of Congress. The banquet was an especially fun part of the events in which we participated. We enjoyed Laura Ingraham and Nia Vardalos. I had the opportunity to speak with Nia and have a photo with her at the conclusion of the banquet. I cannot say that I had a favorite event, as the entire experience was fun and it was rewarding to meet others who are also passionate about the concept of adoption.”


As the Domestic Program Director for New Beginnings, she works with birthmothers who she says are “my heroes” and adoptive parents who are some of the most incredible people she has been privileged to know.  Debbie’s husband serves as the President of New Beginnings and he is also an Angel in AdoptionTM recipient. Her beautiful daughters are both married and have blessed her with three amazing grandchildren. The blessings of adoption just keep coming in Debbie’s life. She says, “I can't imagine our lives without our daughters and am thankful for the sacrifices that are made every day by those who are involved in adoption work - both domestic and international. Thank you, CCAI, for the work you do to promote adoption and for honoring individuals and families whose lives are touched by adoption through Angels in Adoption®.”